News Archive April 2014

Expert Information

Australian Institute for Social Research Report 2: Staff Impact.
Following the release of research exposing the impact of State budget cuts on service delivery to the community, the Public Service Association has now released a further report that examines the impact of the cuts on public sector staff. The report shows that the compounding effects of successive State Budget cuts is fuelling the loss of experienced staff at a faster rate than less experienced staff. This accelerates a pre-existing trend fuelled by the ageing of the workforce and the acceleration of the retirement rate of the baby boomer population. The combination of these influences has the potential to starve the public sector of the expertise and skills it needs to meet government and community expectations. more >

Australian Institute for Social Research Report 1: Impact on delivery of government services.
The Public Service Association has unveiled new research which exposes the effect of budget cuts on the quality and level of service delivery to the community - with children, families and the maintenance of publicly funded infrastructure to be negatively impacted. more >

UniSA Centre for Work + Life Report
In the current economic climate, government is arguing for cuts and savings. The PSA’s view is that this will be at the expense of vital services affecting social justice and welfare programs. more >

South Australian Economic and Budget Outlook
Report from Australian Institute for Social Research more >